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Marketing professional services requires relationship cultivation. Through LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING and ENGAGING, we are able to understand who we are and what makes others tick, in the environment in which we engage. Let’s work together to blend these key ingredients into a context to effectively and proactively engage.

Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategies

Marketing and Engagement Plan


FLUID conversations among a NETWORK of people can result in a FRESH exchange that may result in CHANGE and, ultimately, shift PROGRESS. The social media revolution requires the art of conversation to build a platform for delightful conversation and fresh ideas.

Brand Identity and Brand Marketing

Content Marketing Development , Strategy and Implementation


Enable varying levels of CONNECTION in your COMMUNITY through marketing automation methods and tools. It is important to conceptualize the desired level of INTERACTION with ENERGIZED digital marketing campaigns that FUEL traffic and achieve RESULTS.

Map workflow and conduct business from the CLOUD.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Methods and ROI Analytic Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Engage in COMMUNITIES where ideas CONNECT and great things will happen. Let’s CAPTURE the attention of like-minded individuals and have an EXCHANGE. Be a CONTRIBUTER with an ENGAGEMENT plan for events, gatherings and social media spaces.

Prospect Discovery and Research

Professional Organizations and Business Networking Event Strategy

Social Media Spaces and Media Outreach

Special Events and Gatherings



Colosi Marketing is a digital agency focused on professional services marketing. Our mission is to promote the most exciting architects, designers and craftspeople of our generation; to inspire, connect and build networks, and enrich our architectural heritage through delightful conversation and sense of community. Our methods encourage imagination, innovation in marketing, and bring together talent from a diverse range of industry trades.

Six years ago, Colosi Marketing was conceived with the goal of aspiring to a greater, more meaningful standard of design and construction marketing. Back then, social media and cloud technologies were mere whispers. Today, these new technologies pose a business proposition unlike any I have ever seen before. I write from outside the mainstream but actively engaged with architects, designers and craftspeople looking to transform the way businesses market and conduct business. As the founding principal of Colosi Marketing, I continuously challenge myself to accomplish a greater standard of marketing in a much different landscape from just six years ago. Starting 2012 and beyond, all Colosi Marketing communications and work products will be published in electronic formats. This step will allow Colosi Marketing to promote great architecture and craftsmanship to more people in a variety of ways. Colosi Marketing will never change our collective devotion to the highest creative standards.

Joëlle Colosi
Founding Principal of Colosi Marketing